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Workshop: The role of EU policies in the renewable energy transition

EU legislators are currently preparing regulations that will shape the renewable energy policies in the member states in the coming decade. Yet the renewable energy transition in Europe faces many challenges. Norwegian and German researchers will discuss the way forward at a workshop on 21 June, in Oslo.

Norwegian oil fund to work on climate risk with CICERO

Norges Bank Investment Management is joining the Advisory Board of CICERO Climate Finance - a new initiative on climate risk with leading global investors and climate researchers launched last week in Oslo.

Scientists and investors join forces to explain climate risk

CICERO launches a meeting place for climate scientists and leading global investors to improve the understanding of climate risk. Jointly, they will develop tools to incorporate climate risk in long-term investments, tailored to investors’ needs and inspired by the latest climate science.

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Regulating Solar Radiation Management: The Roles of Public Engagement and Legislative Procedures

Anne Therese Gullberg, Jon Hovi

New use of global warming potentials to compare cumulative and short-lived climate pollutants

Myles R. Allen, Jan S. Fuglestvedt, Keith P. Shine, Andy Reisinger, Raymond T. Pierrehumbert, Piers M. Forster

Extensive release of methane from Arctic seabed west of Svalbard during summer 2014 does not influence the atmosphere

Cathrine Lund Myhre, Benedicte Ferré, Stephen Matthew Platt, Anna Silyakova, Ove Hermansen, Grant Allen, Ignacio Pisso, Norbert Schmidbauer, Andreas Stohl, Joseph Pitt, Pær Jansson, Jens Greinert, Carl Percival, Ann Mari Fjaeraa, Sebastian O’Shea, Martin Gallagher, Michael Le Breton, Keith Bower, Stéphane Bauguitte, Stig Dalsøren, Sunil Vadakkepuliyambatta, Rebecca E. Fisher, Euan G. Nisbet, Dave Lowry, Gunnar Myre, John Pyle, Michelle Cain, Jurgen Mienert

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