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1.5 degrees: Meeting the challenges of the Paris Agreement

The conference aims to understand the impacts of warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels and assess the feasibility of meeting the challenges in the Paris Climate Agreement. It is hosted by the University of Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute, with CICERO as a partner organisation. 

Finding a fair way to 1.5 degrees

How much carbon emissions have we got left in the future with the new global warming target of 1.5°C that was set in Paris? And how can the remaining carbon budget be shared fairly between almost 200 countries?

Expanding cooperation with Leeds

Last week, CICERO signed a memorandum of understanding with the newly established Priestley International Centre for Climate. This will strengthen our outstanding cooperation with the University of Leeds.

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Recent publications

Simulating the Earth system response to negative emissions.

Chris D. Jones, SJ Davis, P. Friedlingstein, T Gasser, Glen Peters, Joeri Rogelj, DP van Vuuren, JG Canadell, Annette Cowie, RB Jackson, Matthias Jonas, Elmar Kriegler, Emma Littleton, Jason A. Lowe, Jennifer Milne, Gyami Shrestha, P Smith, Asbjørn Torvanger, A. Wiltshire

Russia’s climate mitigation policies: How to get them implemented?

Anna Korppoo, Anton Orlov

Climate Change Mitigation: A Role for Climate Clubs?

Jon Hovi, Detlef Sprinz, Håkon Sælen, Arild Underdal