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Klima is a bi-monthly climate magazine published in Norwegian by CICERO. Klima reports on new developments in climate and environmental research, the political arena, and CICERO. The magazine also carries reports from important international meetings and conferences.

Articles selected for translation in Klima 6-2009:

Kongsfjorden in Svalbard – past the tipping point

Klima (NORKLIMA): If a system reaches a critical threshold, a further small change may cause a qualitative change in the entire state of the system, from which it does not recover. When this happens, we say that the system has passed a tipping point. This appears to have happened to Kongsfjorden in Svalbard: there was a large influx of warmer water in 2006, and it is unlikely to return to its previous colder state. The change is already causing problems for ringed seals.

Climate change may lead to more power exports from Norway

Klima (NORKLIMA): While higher temperatures and drought will decrease performance and increase the risk of shutdowns at European gas, coal and nuclear power plants, the Norwegian power sector will mainly profit from a warmer, wetter climate.

How to choose environment-friendly means of transport

Klima (RENERGI): Transport is responsible for one-fourth of all Norwegian emissions. A new research project is now underway to identify the changes needed to reduce emissions from this sector.


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Klima was previously named Cicerone.

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The national research programs NORKLIMA and RENERGI established by The Research Council of Norway regularly present it's findings in a designated section of Klima.

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