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Ikkje alt gras er grønt

Er biff-appetitten vår ein del av klimaproblemet? Kan det vere løysinga? Ein ny studie kastar nytt lys over den eldgamle diskusjonen om beite og bærekraft.

A forecast of the energy transition to 2050

Commentary: DNV GL has added a new addition to the energy outlook literature, one that builds a forecast of the ‘most likely’ future leading to around 2.5°C in 2100.

The Solution to the Entire Climate Problem?

COMMENTARY: We'd all like to wake up one day and hear that someone has come up with the answer: someone can fix the climate problem without us having to lift a finger! We can carry on exactly as we were before, shuffling billions of tonnes of fossilised carbon into the atmosphere every year, cutting down rainforests, and eating our t-bone steaks, without a care, because someone found the switch that makes everything all right. 

No single pathway to the sustainable development space

Thirty years ago, the UN report Our Common Future placed sustainable development firmly on the international agenda. A new and ambitious book, The Imperatives of Sustainable Development, takes the ethical foundations of Our Common Future and builds a model that emphasizes three equally important moral imperatives: satisfying human needs, ensuring social justice, and respecting environmental limits.