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The precarious myth of geoengineering

COMMENT: Can we reach the sun with pseudo-fixes such as pumping carbon underground or aerosols over ground? Or are climate change solutions such as solar radiation management and CCS examples of pure hubris, posing an immense risk for humanity?

Why the most sustainable mobile is the one you own

Our mobile phones are produced by a seemingly unstoppable cycle of innovation, consumption, and obsolescence. Producing them is plagued by an unsustainable cycle of low wages, human rights abuse, use of hazardous materials, and ineffective recycling practices.

«Stresstesting» av Bedriften Norge

Bare halvparten av verdens største forvaltere gjør noe for å redusere klimarisiko.

Does the carbon budget mean the end of fossil fuels?

No, Carbon Capture and Storage and Carbon Dioxide Removal allow the continued use of fossil fuels. But for how long? And what are the risks?