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Carbon sequestration in sinks: An overview of potential and costs

Kolshus, Hans H. (Working Paper;2001:11)

Prior to the resumed climate negotiations in Bonn in July this year, it was thought that an agreement on the unresolved crunch issues of the Kyoto Protocol was unrealistic. This was primarily due to the US withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol, and the failure of the previous climate negotiations that...

The trade-off between short- and long-lived greenhouse gases under uncertainty and learning

Brekke, Kjell Arne, Lystad, Terje, Hans Asbjørn Aaheim, Asbjørn Torvanger (Working Paper;2001:10)

To find an optimal climate policy we must balance abatement of different greenhouse gases. There is substantial uncertainty about future damages from climate change, but we will learn more over the next few decades. Gases vary in terms of how long they remain in the atmosphere, which means that equi...

Globalization of the automobile industry in China: Dynamics and barriers in the greening of road transportation

Gan, Lin (Working Paper;2001:09)

This article describes the state of the automobile industry and urban road transportation management in China. It reviews how the automobile industry is evolving to respond to challenges in economic development, environmental regulations, and technological change. The dynamics and barriers resulting...

Investment in flood protection measures under climate change uncertainty

Karianne de Bruin (Working Paper;2012:01)

The feasibility of ambitious climate agreements: Norway as an early test case

Andresen, Steinar, Kolshus, Hans H., Asbjørn Torvanger (Working Paper;2002:03)

There are considerable differences between developed countries as to how difficult it will be to meet their commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. ‘High-cost abatement countries’ are particularly interesting as they can be seen as ‘test-cases’ for other nations in more ambitious climate policy agreem...

Energy and sustainable urban transport development in China: Challenges and solutions

Zhang, X.L., Hu, Xiaojun (Working Paper;2002:02)

This paper presents an overview of urban road transport development and challenges in energy consumption in China. It relates sustainable urban road transport development with energy consumption and environmental management. It analyzes the main challenges related to urban road transport development...

Mobile source pollution control in the United States and China

Menz, Fredric C. (Working Paper;2002:01)

This paper reviews policies for the control of mobile source pollution and their potential application in China. The first section of the paper reviews the U.S. experience with mobile source pollution control since regulations were first established in the Clean Air Act of 1970. Highlights in the...

Føre var-prinsippet som rasjonelt beslutningskriterium

Hovi, Jon (Working Paper;2001:13)

Notatet spør om føre var-prinsippet kan betraktes som et rasjonelt beslutningskriterium. Forfatteren fokuserer på i alt seks uavklarte spørsmål: 1. Representerer prinsippet et bestemt sett av politiske handlingsalternativer, eller et det et genuint beslutningskriterium? 2. Hvis det er det siste, lar...

Decentralized enforcement, sequential bargaining, and the Clean Development Mechanism

Hovi, Jon (Working Paper;2001:12)

While there is a vast literature both on international bargaining and on how international agreements can be enforced, very little work has been done on how bargaining and enforcement interact. An important exception is Fearon (1998), who models international cooperation as a two-stage process in wh...

Estimating and managing uncertainties in order to detect terrestrial greenhouse gas removals

Rypdal, Kristin, Baritz, Rainer (Working Paper;2002:07)

Inventories of emissions and removals of greenhouse gases will be used under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and under the Kyoto protocol to demonstrate compliance with obligations. During the negotiation process of the Kyoto protocol it has been a concern that uptake of ca...