Climate change or not? Policy lessons for flooding

Even though municipalities in Norway have dealt with floods for decades or

longer, with varying degrees of success, recent discourse has highlighted

and framed the local flood problem in the context of climate change.

Framing floods as a climate change topic, rather than a more expansive

view of disaster risk reduction, has both advantages and disadvantages.

These are explored through qualitative interviews and surveys with

flood-related decision makers across several Norwegian municipalities,

using written surveys sent to the mayors and environmental officers of all

municipalities as well as in-depth interviews with individuals from

selected locations. The results are then compared with observations and

experience from non-Norwegian municipalities around the world.

Three sectors are chosen to illustrate the consequences for policy

formulation. Moss, Norway is compared with Boulder, Colorado regarding

the connections between floods and drinking water supply. Ã…mot, Norway

and Cambridge, England exemplify the effects of flooding on cultural

heritage. Flisa, Norway and Toronto, Ontario have parallels regarding the

use of structural defences for flood risk reduction.

The policy implications are that framing flood risk reduction as a climate

change problem has detrimental implications for long-term sustainability

of measures undertaken. Instead, climate change should be seen as one

disaster amongst many, or as one contributor amongst many to flood

disasters, in order to ensure that lessons from the past are used in the

present in order to improve the future under any climate change scenarios.


Kelman, Ilan and Trude Rauken, 2009. Climate change or not? Policy lessons for flooding. Society for Risk Analysis - Europe Conference, From the Everyday to the Extraordinary, 28 June to 1 July, Karlstad, Sweden.

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  • Tittel: Climate change or not? Policy lessons for flooding
  • Konferanse tittel/dato: Society for Risk Analysis - Europe Conference, From the Everyday to the Extraordinary, 28 June to 1 July
  • Sted: Karlstad, Sweden

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