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Shades of Climate Risk. Categorizing climate risk for investors

Christa Clapp, Harald Francke Lund, Borgar Aamaas, Elisabeth Lannoo Report;2017:01

Virksomme klimabudskap

Elisabeth Lannoo, Eilif Ursin Reed Report;2016:01

Business as UNusual: The implications of fossil divestment and green bonds for financial flows, economic growth and energy market

Solveig Glomsrød, Taoyuan Wei Working Paper;2016:01

Establishing a baseline for monitoring and evaluating user satisfaction with climate services in Tanzania

Daly, Meaghan E., Yanda, Pius Z., Jennifer Joy West Report;2016:02

Norway’s role in supporting green growth in developing countries

Asbjørn Torvanger, Kamleshan Pillay Report;2016:03

Green Bonds and Environmental Integrity: Insights from CICERO Second Opinions

Christa Clapp, Knut H. Alfsen, Harald Francke Lund, Kamleshan Pillay Policy Note;2016:01

What’s Fair – and Why? An Empirical Analysis of Distributive Fairness in the Climate Negotiations

Tørstad, Vegard H. Report;2016:04

Climate Footprints of Norwegian Dairy and Meat - a Synthesis

Bob van Oort, Robbie Andrew Report;2016:06

Klimapolitikken i Norden - En sammenligning av mål og virkemidler i de nordiske landene

Bård Lappegård Lahn, Merethe Dotterud Leiren Report;2016:07

Luftfart og klima - En oppdatert oversikt over status for forskning på klimaeffekter av utslipp fra fly

Lund, Marianne T., Berntsen, Terje K., Borgar Aamaas, Jan S. Fuglestvedt Report;2016:05